Upgraded Calgary Airport Parking Stalls

When you are planning to fly from the Calgary Airport to your next destination, naturally you wonder where you should park your vehicle. Quite often when travel discussions take place, we hear people ask, "where are the best parking stalls at the Calgary Airport?"

The best of anything can be subjective to the needs of each person. We feel that the best parking stalls at the YYC Airport are found at Park & Jet Calgary. We recently upgraded over 1,000 parking spaces that can accommodate every vehicle type.

Yes, we have photos below to prove it.

A great parking stall is one that can allow you to easily park your vehicle and unload or load the vehicle contents safely without worrying about denting the neighbouring vehicle. We are thrilled to introduce you to our most convenient airport parking stalls in Calgary. 

Our recently upgraded parking stalls include twenty-two accessible parking spaces, 10 foot wide stalls, as well as oversize and overheight commercial vehicle and extended cab truck parking (Row 6).

Accessible Parking Stalls

What is an accessible parking stall?

Some cities may still refer to these parking spaces as disabled parking spaces. These parking stalls are designated for individuals who have obtained a valid "Alberta parking placard that allows people who cannot walk 50 metres (164 feet) to use disabled parking stalls" (Source: Alberta.ca).

Large Accessible Parking Stalls at Calgary Airport Park and Jet

Park & Jet Calgary has 22 accessible parking stalls.

Our accessible stalls are 12 feet in width. We also provide a designated walkway or access aisles on the left and right side of your vehicle that are a minimum width of 4 feet. These parking access aisles allow ample space to transfer in and out of the vehicle with or without mobility equipment such as wheelchairs.

Park and Jet Accessible Parking Stalls at the Calgary Airport

These parking stalls are located on the east and west side of our main parking entrance drive lane. They will allow our shuttle buses to easily pick up you and your companions.

You will need to display a valid Alberta parking placard to utilize the accessible parking stall. Park & Jet does not charge any additional parking fees for the use of accessible stalls.

Please let our Parking Ambassador know when you arrive if you require one of our easily accessible shuttle buses that are equipped with a secure wheelchair lift kit to take you and your companions to your Calgary Airport departure terminal.

10 Foot Wide Parking Stalls

We don't like door dings and neither should you. That is why we widened the majority of our east side parking stalls at Park & Jet. Our goal was to make your next airport parking stall more comfortable to park in and be easier to access your vehicle contents. You shouldn't have to wrestle with the car seat because your door cannot fully open to allow effortless access.

Easy Unload and Load Vehicle Contents with Wider Parking Stalls at Park and Jet Calgary

Our team members have children and know the value of making it easy and safe to help children unload from and load into the car, minivan, SUV or truck without a nasty space restriction.

Our 10 foot wide parking stalls will allow you ample room to quickly unload your vehicle and get ready to board our free shuttle service that will take you from your vehicle to your departure terminal at the Calgary International Airport. When you return home, the extra space will make loading up and exiting the lot much easier so you can enjoy your drive home.

Oversize & Overheight Vehicle Parking Stalls

Park & Jet Calgary is a surface parking facility that has no height restrictions. We have also added over 90 oversize parking spaces to accommodate overheight vehicles.

Our oversize parking stalls are the longest parking stalls at the Calgary Airport. 

Extended Cab Large Truck Parked in Row 6 at Park and Jet

These stalls can handle a total length of 30 feet. This is perfect for commercial trucks with trailers and big format vans and SUVs. This increases the parking options available to you.

When you arrive at our on-airport parking facility, please let our Parking Ambassador know that you need oversize or overheight parking. You will then be directed to park in Row 6. Our free shuttle service will transport you from your vehicle to your departure terminal at the Calgary International Airport.

Freightliner Trucks Use Row 6 at Park and Jet Calgary
Large Commercial Vehicle Parking in Row 6 at Park and Jet

How Long Can I Leave My Car at the Calgary International Airport?

Park & Jet allows both short term (daily), weekly parking and long term parking reservations. We are the closest park and ride shuttle service at the Calgary Airport. While you are travelling, you have three options to leave your vehicle with us at our parking lot.

1. Park on demand.

When you enter our parking facility, you will be prompted by the entry station to take a ticket and park as directed in a specific row.

2. Pay at the Lot Reservation.

You can make an online Pay at the Lot parking reservation through our website. This reservation will allow our team to hold your space, however, you will pay your parking fee upon exiting the lot. You can pay-in-lane with a debit card, credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay.

3. Prepay and Save Reservation.

You can save up to 16% from our daily rates when you prepay and reserve online through our website. Once you complete your advance, prepaid parking reservation, you will receive an email with a QR access code. This QR code will allow you to enter and exit the facility with ease.

Please contact us with any questions you have about trying out the variety of awesome new parking stalls that we have created with you in mind.

posted January 14, 2022

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