Local Biz Feature: How to Make Great Coffee While Travelling

We got ahold of Rob from Phil & Sebastian and D'Arcy from Analog Coffee to get their best tips for making great coffee while travelling.

Travel can be tough for a coffee connoisseur.

Do you usually hit up the closest coffee chain at the airport and hope for the best? Between busy airports, jet lag, and unfamiliar places, leaving your coffee fix up to chance is dicey.

Researching the best local coffee joints at your destination is fun too, but if you drink a lot of coffee that can get expensive.

You shouldn’t have to settle for anything less than an excellent cup of coffee when you travel. That’s why we asked our favourite local coffee companies for their best travel coffee-making tips.

Here's what the coffee experts had to say…

The innovative leaders of Phil & Sebastian are passionate about great coffee. Their suggestion for making coffee while travelling is to bring your favourite coffee to brew on-the-go.

We recommend creating a small, light travel kit — to be able to brew fantastic Phil & Sebastian coffee while on the road using an Aeropress.

Phil & Sebastian

Here’s what you will need:

  • Aeropress
  • Aeropress filters
  • Fresh roasted whole bean coffee from Phil & Sebastian
  • Hario Slim Mill grinder or similar travel grinder
  • Kettle
  • Small coffee scale

How to brew a terrific cup of coffee using the Aeropress:

Step 1. Place an Aeropress filter into the filter cap and screw it on.

Step 2. Place Aeropress onto a mug.

Step 3. Start with 17 grams of coffee beans, and grind them medium-fine. Place coffee into the Aeropress chamber

Step 4. Start a 1:15 timer. Add 250 grams of (slightly below) boiling water — about 90 degrees Celsius. Stop after adding 50 grams of water and stir. Then add the remainder of the water.

Step 5. At 1 minute and 15 seconds, plunge the coffee into your mug. Should take about 30 seconds to plunge.

Step 6. Enjoy!

Both companies we talked to agreed: whole bean coffee is best.

The experienced professionals at Analog Coffee believe average coffee is simply unacceptable. With a little knowledge and the right tools, making a satisfying cup of coffee on the go is surprisingly easy.

Tip 1. Fresh ground coffee!

Since pre-ground coffee loses a lot of its flavour, they say that fresh ground is always better. Hand grinding is a bit more work, but it's worth it for a really good cup of coffee.

Tip 2. Portable Brewers!

According to Analog, portable brewers are the way to go. Aeropress, pour-overs and French press are all easy to pack, easy to clean, and easy to use when it comes to making a great cup of coffee.

Tip 3. Know your water quality!

You might think that the perfect cup of coffee is all about the beans, but coffee is more than 98% water. Believe it or not, the minerals in our water can have a big impact on how coffee tastes.

For best results, it's a good idea to pack a portable water filtration system (like this one).

Tip 4. Bring a coffee scale!

Coffee is a game of PRECISION! If you want to know that your coffee is going to taste just as good every time you brew a cup, measure out how much coffee grounds you're putting in and how much water you're matching it with.

Analog Coffee

Keep in mind that scoops can be inconsistent. A scale that measures weight is the best way to get a consistently good cup of coffee, every time.

The bottom line…

Don't leave your coffee to chance when you travel. Bring along your favourite coffee beans and the essentials suggested by our proudly Calgarian coffee experts to brew the perfect cup wherever you're at.

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posted May 28, 2019

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