Weekend Trip to Octoberfest In Munich

Octoberfest is held in Munich, Germany is held Sept 17th to Oct 3rd each year.

Here are some tips to get you prepared for the festivities.

  • Book your flight to Munich
  • Reserve a table in the beer tent
  • Get some official Lederhosen or get them on ebay (You know! those cool outfits that are worn during Octoberfest.)
  • Take some yodeling lessons - check out YouTube's Mark Jackson below
  • Go to your local pub and practice holding a Beer Stein with one hand
  • Reserve your parking at Park & Jet

If you can't make it to Germany this year, skip steps one and two and head over to Calgary's Octoberfest at the BIG Four, Stampede Park - Sept 25/26. (You can still leave your car at Park & Jet if you want…)

Park and Jet for $13.95/day or $69.75/week

  • Fast shuttle = NO walking!
  • Earn Aeroplan points
  • Discounts for AAA, Students, and Seniors

Get An Estimate Before You Fly.

Park & Jet has you covered. Safe and worry-free parking at the Calgary International Airport.

posted September 8, 2015

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